How to Find a Quality Pool Maintenance Company

Upkeep and maintenance of your pool can be a daunting task. From knowing what chemicals to purchase and where to purchases them at a decent price to understanding the balance of each ingredient and repairing pumps.
The whole process can be a home project in itself.
For this reason we always recommend outsourcing your pool cleaning service to experienced p professionals.

Although you could possibly do the job on your own, there is something very reassuring about allowing a person who has the proper chemical balance per gallon memorized that cannot be put into words.
Sure you could probably YouTube the steps and stumble your way through the process. But for most, learning at the expense of your pool is not a viable option.
What we recommend to help ease your burden is looking for a pool cleaning company with the following basic credentials.
1.) Personality
2.) Notoriety
3.) Experience
This may not seem like a legitimate marketable skill in many industries, but to pool cleaners, if you do not have a good personality then you should not be cleaning pools.
This is the physiological approach we take to pool cleaning. When cleaning pools, you are often removing green algae, moss, dirt, debris and other particulates. This cleaning process takes your pool from one state dirty, to another state clean. It is not always a fun process and one can meet many bumps along the way.
It is our belief that having a good attitude, focus and temperament towards your profession carries a major reflection upon the final outcome of your work.
Pool cleaning is not for everyone.
The process is or can be quite meticulous and time consuming. When training new employees we often remind them to have the patience of a bonzai master and the ability to be like the famous quote about water.
“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” -Bruce Lee
Being able to take ones time and having a thorough understanding of the effects of water is very important.
Taking short cuts along the way can literally result it damage to your pool, its users or your property. The wrong temperament and personality may cut corners and move on to the next servicing just to complete their route regardless of the quality if their work.
The right personality will identify a problem, assess the situation and honestly apprise you of the possible consequences of each decision when necessary.
As a result, we highly recommend hiring pool cleaners with a positive sentiment towards pool cleaning.
In this internet search driven world if today’s business environment, it is not uncommon for one to see a company at the top of Google, Bing or Yahoo with little or no customer comments or reviews.
Whether the company paid for an ad or has a small marketing firm helping them is not our concern.
Our concern is filtering out the truth through the all smoke and mirrors. To do this we look for a few basic signals:
1.) Do they have legitimate Yelp reviews?
2.) Do they have Google reviews?
3.) Are there complaints immediately accessible in the search results?
With any type of review, we subscribe to the 1 in 20 principle for perspective. What this means is 1 (or 2) out of every 20 customers actually take the time to sit down and write a review about a business whether good or bad.
Applying this philosophy with the law of averages, it is safe to assume that a company with more negative reviews than positive may be more likely to repeat that experience with you.
These three basic elements also help us determine whether or not a company is reputable and reliable enough to allow them on to our property to perform services for us.
Not many companies can say that they have been doing business since 1993. We are fortunate to have evolved over the years into the type of business that we are specializing in the services that we perform today.
You can look up our company and many other business at the following link:
Some type of services may require a license to be performed. If the scope of work required to repair your pool requires a license, we recommend and have access to licensed vendors. This is a service standard that we believe is imperative to uphold.
The last thing anyone wants is an unlicensed contractor jeopardizing their pool, home and safety performing work requiring a license just for the money. This practice is just not safe in our opinion.
No monetary value can be placed on human life.
Applying our three basic characteristics to your search for pool maintenance services should help you find the right company for the job.
And of course, you can always call us us at 808-864-3605 if you have any thoughts ideas, suggestions, experiences or questions you would like to ask about pools.
We take great joy in talking about everything related to pools.